About Us


One stop for zero waste beauty & home-cleaning products that make your life easier and the planet healthier.

Our zero waste journey started two years ago when we asked ourselves: what could we individually do to save our favorite places on earth? As avid travelers, the idea of our treasured islands in Mozambique and lush forests in Yosemite being destroyed by the actions of humanity, seemed unthinkable. 

We decided that change starts by taking small yet powerful actions! 

As we started looking for eco-friendly, plastic-free products, we were surprised at how few options were available, not to mention the bland factor.

Eden Life was born on this simple mission: Educate, Inspire and Give Back. 

Educate our community about the realities we humans face living on this planet.

Inspire the return to living a simple yet beautiful life while being part of the change towards sustainability.

Give Back to the organizations that are doing the heavy lifting in cleaning the oceans, replanting trees, and have boots on the ground on this mission to reverse climate change. 10% of all profits are donated to Oceana, Rainforest Foundation, and The Sierra Club

We hope you enjoy this custom curated collection of home & beauty goods. In the spirit of collaboration we also look forward to developing products according to your needs too - so feel free to drop us a line!

X Maytal

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