Why We Don't Believe in V-Day

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Valentine’s Day has historically been a hallmark invented holiday in our books. It’s beautiful to celebrate love from one perspective but it’s a holiday that can be added to the list of one of the more wasteful events on our calendar. Buying tons of candy and overpriced flowers not your jam? Come on board with Eden Life where we’ve rebranded the holiday as Self Care Day. Self care means different things to different people and we’re into any day where we can pause, reflect, and be off our devices. Below we share a few easy ways to show yourself some zero waste self-love.

Take a bath

Baths are a great way to release stress and have some time off from phones, computers, and Netflix.  Make your own bath bomb with this simple recipe from Byrdie. Finish off the bath by shaving with our zero waste safety razor. 

Give yourself a facial 

Facials are underrated and not so difficult to do. Boil some warm water with eucalyptus leaves to open the pores. Then use a recipe for an easy homemade face mask using ingredients you probably have sitting in your home. You can exfoliate with Eden Life’s konjac facial sponge or bamboo charcoal soap and use Meow Meow Tweet’s body oil to seal in the moisture. 

Designate alone time 

Easier said than done (especially if those kiddos are around), however, even a brief time of being completely alone will allow your mind to relax and open the space for new ideas, breakthroughs, or release from any trauma that may be holding you back. Try journaling if you find you prefer to write or silence just isn’t your thing. We’ve just discovered these zero waste journals and pens that are totally our jam! Bonus points if that alone time can be in nature. 

Sign up for that course you’ve always wanted to take

We’re always learning and growing and satisfaction and happiness stem from those moments where we’re expanding. The bad news is that we can easily mistake buying more stuff with growth. Try an online course to show yourself some true love. 

Let us know your thoughts on Self Care Day!  

X Maytal

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